Baby Footed pants harem style - Merino wool and silk


  • brandBio Baby
  • product number97220158
  • country of origin Bulgaria (EU)
  • composition75% Merino wool; 25% Silk

Bio Baby Footed pants - Merino wool and silk

Super comfortable for the baby's first days - these harem-style bottoms are sure to guarantee coziness and comfort!
• Natural - Made of 75% merino wool and 25% silk this baby pants is gentle for babies soft skin.
• Silky soft & hypoallergenic - Made of superfine merino wool and silk that is supremely soft against baby’s skin.
• Regulates Body Temperature - Merino wool and silk keeps baby warm when it’s cold and cool when it’s warm, so you can be assured of the perfect temperature regulation for your little one.
• Warming even when wet - when merino wool and silk gets wet, it retains its warming properties. Your baby will have a comfortable night’s sleep whatever the circumstances.
• Ideal for layering - Superbly breathable, lightweight and silky soft - perfect worn on own or layered under clothing or Sleep Bag.
• Wide, comfortable elastic for easy dress up.
• Lovely design features special place at the bottom for diaper.
• Very soft fabric, delicate in touch and very resilient.
• Label with the specified care instructions and indicated cloth size.
• Silk is one of the strongest natural fabrics
• Silk prevents the penetration of polluted air and microbes
• Silk is highly absorbent, which makes it very comfortable to wear in both warm and cold weather, as it maintains body temperature.
• Silk does not retain dust, which makes it very suitable for children suffering from asthma and some allergies.
• Silk products do not generate static electricity
• Natural silk consists of proteins and amino acids. They are essential for the human body and have a beneficial effect on the skin, while calming the nervous system.

Care instructions:
Natural fibers do not require complicated care. At Bio Baby we want to help your products look good for as long as possible.
How to wash your Super-soft Merino wool and silk baby pants:
First Wash: Your wool and silk baby pants can be used immediately without washing. The first wash will bulk and soften fibres.
• You can machine wash as long as you use a cold-water wash, short cycle and delicate gentle spin.
• Bio Baby wool pants are made with Italian super soft Merino wool, NO detergent is required.
• You can add a wool fabric softener if you wish.
• Pull bodysuit when wet back into shape and lay flat/air dry in the shade.
Do not tumble dry!

Properly cared for Wool baby pants, will provide a lifetime of comfort.


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