PAYMENT AND DELIVERY works with couriers to deliver orders to customers’ homes or other addresses. From its online shop, delivers to Bulgaria and throughout Europe, using specialized couriers. For other destinations, please contact us by e-mail to receive an individualized shipping cost quote.

Purchased items will be delivered directly to the addresses indicated during the ordering process. Each shipment contains the ordered goods and their accompanying documentation.

Delivery times vary depending upon product availability and the shipping destination.

The shipping fee contributes to cover delivery costs. Within Bulgaria the fee is 2.99€ (inclusive of taxes), and is waived for orders totalling over 49€. For other European destinations the amount will change in reference Country destination:

Albania29.90 € 8-9 work days
Andora39.90 € 8-9 work days
Armenia29.90 € 10 work days
Austria12.99 € 5-8 work days
Azerbaijan39.90 € 10 work days
Belarus39.90 € 8-9 work days
Belgium19.99 € 5-6 work days
Bosna and Herzegovina29.90 € 8-9 work days
Bulgaria2.99 € 1-3 work days
Croatia24.99 € 7-8 work days
Cyprus39.90 € 7-8 work days
Czech Republic19.99 € 7-8 work days
Denmark24.99 € 7-8 work days
Estonia39.90 € 6-7 work days
Finland39.90 € 8-10 work days
France19.99 € 6-8 work days
Georgian39.90 € 10 work days
Germany12.99 € 5-8 work days
Greece4.99 € 3-5 work days
Hungary12.99 € 4-6 work days
Iceland79.99 € 8-9 work days
Ireland39.90 € 7-10 work days
Italy19.99 € 5-6 work days
Kazakhstan39.90 € 12 work days
Latvia39.90 € 6-7 work days
Liechtenstein39.90 € 5-6 work days
Lithuania39.90 € 6-7 work days
Luxembourg24.99 € 6-8 work days
Macedonia9.99 € 5-6 work days
Malta39.90 € 7-8 work days
Moldova39.90 € 5-6 work days
Monaco39.90 € 6-8 work days
Montenegro24.99 € 7-8 work days
Netherlands19.99 € 6-7 work days
Norway39.90 € 8-9 work days
Poland24.99 € 6-8 work days
Portugal39.90 € 7-8 work days
Romania4.99 € 3-5 work days
Russia39.90 € 10 work days
San Marino24.99 € 5-6 work days
Serbia19.99 € 6-8 work days
Slovakia24.99 € 6-8 work days
Slovenia24.90 € 6-8 work days
Spain24.90 € 6-8 work days
Sweeden39.90 € 6-8 work days
Switzerland24.99 € 6-8 work days
UKraine24.99 € 6-8 work days
United Kingdom19.99 € 6-8 work days

For all other countries the delivery is € 99.

Upon delivery the client should verify that the package is not damaged or wet before accepting delivery, and should refuse delivery if the package is not whole and in good conditions.

If the goods are delivered damaged or broken, is committed to replacing the product at their own cost, if and only if the recipient either declares the damage in the presence of the carrier which made the delivery, or indicates on the receipt document “GOODS RECEIVED UNCHECKED”.

Notwithstanding any actions to be taken with the carrier, should be notified of any disputes over variance between the object delivered and the object ordered, or noted on the delivery document, within 48 hours of delivery by e-mailing customer service at

The order summary will indicate the amount of the shipping fee.

Timing of goods delivery

Delivery times may vary depending on the destination country and on other factors not directly controllable by not attributable to the Supplier. Indicatively and with the exceptions mentioned above:

  1. Within Bulgaria, delivery is expected within 5 business days following its dispatch by per e-mail order confirmation
  2. Outside the Bulgarian territory, in EU countries delivery is expected in about 10-14 working days from the order confirmation.
  3. To locations outside the European Union, will first quote the delivery cost; will contact the customer to determine the most suitable delivery solution.

In case of delivery problems or difficulties related to external events independent of, will promptly inform the customer.

Should the chosen payment method be bank or wire transfer, the delivery terms mentioned above are effective from the day following receipt of the amount due.

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